Wet Diamonds

I love anniversaries, especially if it's a milestone one, like 60 years. In 1958 a motorsport series formed here in the UK which we all know as British Touring Car Championship. Since Jack Sears (RIP) won the very first one in an Austin Westminster the Championship had his highs and lows. Through the years series Director Alan Gow turn this fantastic series into the most watched touring car series which is well know all over the world. 

The anniversary race was held at Snetterton in Norfolk, which I think it's not the best circuit for a 60 miles race to celebrate 60 years of BTCC. To do a lap takes around 2 minutes, so kind a boring in a way. I think Brands Hatch could be a better choice for an event like this.

To be honest we cannot really complain as the boys did their best in all three races to entertain us


I am pretty sure everybody got wet during Race 1 as it was raining heavily and on the top of that we had a lovely wind to make things even better. Luckily my Fuji X-T2 and 50% of my lenses are weather resistant, but what level. So to make sure I have covered my kit to be safe and able to cover the remaining races. Due to the weather I've decided to stay in the pit for the last few laps during the first BTCC race as my underwear was the only dry cloth on me.

Race 1

Race 2:

The strong Norfolk wind dried up both the circuit and my cloths 

After two races we were all looking forward for the third one as the last one was the Double Diamond anniversary race. 60 miles around Snetterton it's not a lot as the circuit holds endurance races but is not the usual BTCC race distance. 

Unfortunately the Third, anniversary race wasn't as successful for Ash Sutton as the first two, but Sunday showed again the 2017 Champion has an opportunity to fight for the 2018 title. Keep fighting!

I would like to congratulate Matt Neal and Halfords Yuasa Racing who won the anniversary race.