Best weekend ever

Two years ago, when I've covered FIA World Rallycross Championship was hold at the birthplace of this event at Lydden Hill in Kent. The end of 2016 I said, this was the best motorsport event I have ever covered. So I was really looking forward to cover this year's, but this time at Silverstone.


Silverstone built a festival around the WRX event and called it Speedmachine.
I love the name and what they offered for the motorsport fans, I think it was worth it. Rallycross races - WRX, RX2, Classic Group B Rallycross and Americas Rallycross Championship rounds - also free test drives, passenger rides, simulators, music stage with big names and lot's of options to get some food too, from some of the biggest names in the Street Food industry.

This weekend was the first time to try My (not hired) Fuji telephoto lens too. I know, I did say some bad things about the 50-140 f/2.8 lens before, but I knew this event will be a big change as a Fujifilm photographer. And it was!
Both camera and all three lenses worked like a dream during the dusty, hot and sometimes rainy weekend. I've used the 23mm for panning, 56mm for portrait and the telephoto for the action shoots as most part of the circuit was far from the fence. After the two days, I can tell, Fuji is good for motorsport too, but as you may or may not know I love to photograph people in motorsport more than their cars. Of course you can put the car in the frame which I think in this case worked lovely (below).

Andreas Bakkerud (NOR) & EKS Audi Sport

Andreas Bakkerud (NOR) & EKS Audi Sport

 I know, some of you may say about the engineer is in the frame and the marshal too but come on, during events like this you haven't got time to make 100% perfect, only if you lucky or if you use Photoshop, or you work for the team and have time for a setup photo shoot. But I hadn't have time and also not a big fan of PS either. So you work what you have, fence, TV crew, crowd, etc. deal with it and make the most of it like some photographers I know do amazingly. 

Like : Mark J Timms -

Believe it or not, but because this was the first time WRX was at Silverstone, we - photographers - were complaining about a few things, like no holes on the fence, to far from the circuit, etc. But I think the organizers did a great job and I hope I can cover the British round of WRX again, even if I have to figure a way out to get the shoots through the fence.

I've seen cars in the air before, but watching cars flying with full racing speed, fighting for positions was something new for me. I was like a kid when I saw these cars, specially the Supercars in the air. Just WOW!
I am not really good to estimate distances, but they flew far.

To watch these 600bhp beasts racing during the two days I have spent at Silverstone was unforgetable and really looking forward to cover the next WRX event I could. Maybe this year in France, maybe in 2019 but I can tell it's well worth the money, the effort you put in to photograph world class drivers. By the way, we were very well looked after by the organizers. We had great fresh bakery for breakfast, hot meal for lunch and plenty of fluid and caffeine too in two different format. Coffee or Monster Energy drink, the last one was free too.

Here is a collection of my favourite car photographs. If you more interested about the drivers, scroll down a littlebit.

And here is my favourite collection of the Rallycross drivers

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