Challenging time at Rockingham

So, I had an idea to upgrade from Nikon system to a better system. So I've put all my Nikon products plus a Sigma lens on eBay on Saturday morning. 
As always I packed everything to cover BTCC in the afternoon. Camera, lenses, laptop, etc. were all in the bag before I went to sleep around 10pm.
Following morning I've received a surprising email from eBay, I sold my gear!!!!!!


As I was worried about the gear will be damaged, I have emptied the backpack and replaced Nikon with a mirrorless Sony a6000.
This camera is fantastic! Amazing focusing capabilities, 11FPS, Wifi, NFC, Electric viewfinder, a truly amazing piece of kit, except...
... No proper lens on it, just a 16-50mm kit
... Only one memory card, no backup card
... Around 300 pictures with one battery, I hadn't got backup at the time.


As I photograph BTCC and other Motorsport events for Alamy News I had to accept the challenge I shoot with this camera setup.
I am very very pleased with the images, not a lot and also missed R2, due to battery charging, but they look gorgeous.

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