Race Retro

Rally and Rallycross were the first motorsport events I have ever seen as a spectator. My dad used to drive our family Wartburg during and the area where we used to live in Hungary used to hold the first round of the Hungarian Rally Championship. We were regular viewers of the event and since I still love to go and watch the rally. So I took a chance and applied for a media pass to cover Race Retro, which we can call a rally event.

Photographing motorsport in February is rare to me and I had a big gap not taking photos of any fast moving cars since October. So cleaned my lenses, charged the camera and drive myself down to Stoneleigh Park, near Coventry.

During the morning briefing Stage 2 was described as the less interesting as it was designed for passenger rides, but actually, it was the more entertaining as all the drives tried to show off their passengers, not worrying about times or anything. Till lunch time they drove across two buildings which were very entertaining and brilliant to photograph rally cars.

Of course, Stage 1 was interesting too, where you could see some special rally cars, like late Colin McRae’s Ford Focus WRC and Subaru Impreza WRX STi alongside with some very fast Escorts, Ferrari, MG Metros and Talbots too.

On Sunday I had some company too when I was walking the stages with the fantastic Alex Denham which was fun and interesting to create some images together, share opinions and techniques too. Such as panning and in my case remotely shot images using Fujifilm’s not so brilliant app. But luck was on my side and I have managed to capture some - still need to improve - different types of images.