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Two years ago I have discovered a fantastic printing company, called Saal Digital. My first order from this German based company was a photo book of my favorite photographs I have taken during BTCC, ROC and other motor sport events back in 2015. This book is still amazing by the way and I am planning to create one, of this year's BTCC images.
I have also ordered prints for clients, family and for myself as well and I can tell nobody was disappointed when they received their prints. The quality is outstanding, quick delivery and sometimes it can be really important, their software is easy to use and quick to create or order any photo related items.

In June I had an opportunity to review one of their product, which was on my list for a long time. This was the Wall Decor.
From the 6 options I choosed the Alu-Dibond, which is a 3mm thick aluminium composite panel, weather resistant and because I have never had an aluminium print before, so I was curious about it. As I have mentioned the process on the Saal Digital program was quick and easy, the voted by my followers picture of WRX driver Kevin Hansen has been uploaded and payed for, so it was time to wait for my DHL driver.


Around 4-5 days after I have submitted my order a big package arrived from Germany and even if I was so excited about it, I had no time to do a proper review about my new Wall Decor. But on the upcoming weekend while my Son was sleeping, I cleaned the glass desk outside and I was ready to open up my package to see my 60 x 40 cm aluminium panel. I can tell I was not disappointed at all!


Nicely and securely packed to survive a long journey to the UK and as expected the item arrived without damage, thanks DHL.
After a very careful opening process I was stunned by the quality of the print. To calibrate my monitors at least every month really payed back, as the print looked exactly same as on my monitor when I processed it back in Silverstone's Media Centre during the Speedmachine festival.
If you often order prints of your images, I  would recommend to get a Spyder5 for colour calibration. 


To be honest, as this was my first ever aluminium print, I couldn't compare it to other companies wall decors, but I can tell the quality of the item all around was amazing. Even if the image is not the sharpest in the world - as I tried to track an over 500bhp racing car which did a jump during race and I could only focus on a banner first which covered 90% of the cars - it's still looked amazingly sharp, as it was advertised. By the way, these are my thoughts, nothing held to my head to write these down. I did try 4-5 different companies before and Saal Digital is far the best one.


After I did the photo shot in the garden I have packed it away as nicely as I could, even if I really wanted to put this up on the wall, but I promised my followers, I will create an Auction to raise money for the BRDC Motor Sport Charity which has been selected by the fans of my work!

If you would like to get involved in the Auction and get this amazing piece of aluminium print, please do not hesitate to visit the link below and get involved for a good cause. 

Auction: https://www.gergototh.com/4-charity 
Saal Digital: https://www.saal-digital.co.uk/ 
Full Speedmachine Gallery: https://www.gergototh.com/recent-works/speedmachinerx 

For both Speedmachine event and product review I've used Fuji X-T2 with several lenses