My first one was 6 years ago

A long, long time ago in 2012 after a recommendation from my great friend Phil, I have followed Dunlop on Facebook to win a pair of tickets to one of the BTCC rounds. Surprisingly I did win!
Two tickets to Oulton Park, which was and still is about 3 hours away from home. We had the best day ever and I have never ever wanted to watch touring car racing on TV again.


Since that day, lots of things happened and after 2 years of absence as an accredited photographer, I was back in Cheshire with Team BMR. 
I always loved challenges in photography and this time wasn't different at all, as I bought myself a rare, not for motorsport photography, Chinese made, manual focus lens. I know I know, back in the day everything was manual, not like now, but I have never used manual lens on a modern camera.
I own an Olympus OM-1 which according to the previous owner is from the late 70's  or early 80's and this camera is 100% manual and of course shoots on film. Love it, absolute love it.

So back to Oulton Park,
After a long and slow drive (50 mph limit on M6), just arrived before the Autograph session, which is always packed and full of fans. It was great to see the Team BMR boys still have lots of fans, who were all queuing for autographs or selfies. It's never great to see such talents, BTCC Champions at the back of the field.

Really loved the idea to have the autograph session before the first Race as the drivers are still happy and they are all fired up. Between the autograph session and Race one I had a quick lunch and I was ready to put my newly bought lens on the Fujifilm camera.
Brilliant, absolute brilliant. Hard, very hard, but with lots of practice it can make some outstanding images. But lets see what did I do at Oulton.

Race 1 - Cascades
The corner I have never been, but loved it

Race 2 - Lodge Corner & Deer Leap
It was getting warmer and warmer

Race 3 - Same corners but from the outside part
Too hot and full of water to walk further

Question number 4 for 2 BTCC tickets is:
In which year the Honda Integra Type-R debuted in BTCC?
You can send your Answers here

And Finally my favourite type of images from Oulton Park.