The last Rock!

No doubt, I love Rockingham Motor Speedway!
Because it gives you something different, what you cannot get at other circuits in Europe. Of course it's not the most beautiful one and it's never will be like Spa, Imola, etc. but it's different.  You can use lifts to go to different levels on the grandstand, massive tunnels to enter the middle section and it's very picturesque!
Lots of reflections, shadows and if you are a photographer, lots of bokeh!


I know it'a very dividing circuit with the fans, why I understand and respect, but as a Photographer and as a Fan I love it. (I am not payed by RMS to say these)

As the circuit is not too far from my home and also my parents do live in Corby, I have decided to photograph both days. This time with 3 cameras! To be honest I have should only done it with two, but I had to try it if it works.
My Fuji X-T2 was obvious to use and I had a Sony Mirrorless with me, alongside an Olympus OM-1, which shoots on 35mm film. Sony was good for wide angle panning, but that's it really, nothing else about it, no positives or negatives. Talking about negatives, Olympus was fun to work with. Only used one roll of B&W film as it was raining and because I haven't got lens hood on it, I was worried about the lens as I didn't want it to be scratched.


So to see the images from my Olympus you will need to wait a littlebit as I plan to use it more often while I cover the remaining races in Scotland, at Silverstone, at Brands Hatch too and will reveal them as a collection after the BTCC season ended.

Sunday was the absolute opposite of Saturday, as expected from the British weather. Rain and wind all day, which I think gave a little mood to the day in a good way. 


Probably the last ever BTCC at Rockingham, so I would like to thank all the staff for the help through the last 4 years and not just during BTCC.

What was your favourite moment at the Motor Speedway? Please leave your comments below


Update: On the 21st it has been confirmed, No more racing at Rockingham Motor Speedway from 2019!