Just pictures this time

Great Sunday as always, but I have to sort out some technical issues which I have to sort out somehow. These technical issues can make me really upset and my mood can turn into a grumpy one. Which happened, so I am really sorry if I was too moody to anybody at Donington Park.
This mood changed after I got home, as I saw some great images I have taken between the technical issues I had.

Funny part of these issues is I couldn't replicate them on the following day, while I was taking over 800 images in low light environment and also my 3 weeks old top of the range phone had some issues too at the circuit (4g, 5 bars, no internet)

Would love to hear if you had any technical glitches during the last BTCC event, please comment below.

Competition question #2
How big is the Champions' Clubhouse at Knockhill Circuit (in metres)?