It feels great to be back

I don't know about your thoughts, but I think the first weekend of the 60th BTCC season was as excited as the last one. Great comebacks, excitement, new winners and lots of action at Brands Hatch.

First round of the season is always excited and I was really looking forward to it. I hired two lenses for Sunday from Hire a Camera, a Fujinon 90mm f/2 for portrait shots and a 50-140mm f/2.8 to photograph some action on the circuit. The telephoto wasn't new for me, I did use it several times before but I had high hopes for the prime lens.
I can tell you I wasn't disappointed about it at all. If I could I would buy a 90mm before any telephoto lenses but sadly it isn't the best choice for on-track photography. But why I loved it?

Sharp, really sharp!

I will hire or if can I will definitely buy one as I love prime glasses. Of course due to the focal length I had to use the telephoto during the autograph session and the rest of day, but when I could I used it.

The day for me started with the autograph session and Race 1

I had mixed feelings after Race 1 as I am still learning the right settings to capture panning images of cars with Fuji. The 50-140 lens' stabilization is amazing but still have to work out, when I need to turn it on or off.

Competition Question No. 1.:
Which company was running Toyota Celica GT driven by Win Percy and where they based during 1975 and 1976 season?
Send your answer below!

To be honest, the most challenging part to photograph BTCC is to get better ideas then last time. Since I photograph this series, I was visiting the same 9 circuits over and over, so to get different images I have to put my brain together which is not always easy. This time I was a bit overthinking about and left the fun out, which is important.

But the next round is coming soon, and I have to remember to "Become my own #1 fan" - Gary Vaynerchuk.