Halfway through the season and...

... I can tell, I do really enjoy the 2018 BTCC season. It's challenging in every single way.

Long drives, hot weather (most of the times) and because I work for an Agency and for a Team, it's challenging to provide something different then the previous race or previous season. 

Jason Plato

Jason Plato


Equipment wise I cannot really complain, part from a 2nd body (which would be handy), I am happy what I have to shoot Touring cars with. Since Donington, I have zero issues part from my own mistakes :-/ but this is how you learn.


The only issue, I cannot decide which one to use, 35mm or the 56mm fixed focal lens. Both amazing in their own way and this is why I need a second Fujifilm body.
The 35mm lens is a Chinese made, full metal wide open wonderfullnesnes, if you can manual focus and nail it at f/0.95, which is not that hard using EVF (Electronic View Finder).

Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 - ISO 200 1/6500s at f/1

This race weekend was special for BMR as - now we can call him - Ash Sutton is the Croft king, so I was expecting some champagne shower from the Subaru drivers. And I was right!
Luckily most of my lenses (2 out of 4) plus the camera is weather sealed, but as I found out later, it doesn't really like sticky liquids...


So, instead of cleaning it, I will just put something over it as the ISO and Mode dial stuck together and while I was changing ISO, I did change from Single mode to Bracketing which gave me a bit of headache, because I didn't realize why I have a really bright, a really dark and a properly exposed image, lol.

I am also in the middle of the process to change editing software too, so still a few things to learn about Capture One, which according to many reviews is way better for Fuji RAW files and sharper too than Lightroom from Adobe.


What do you think of my images in this blogpost? Please leave a comment below and would love to appriciate if you can share my work with others too.