New challenges in photography are the best ones for me. I like to try something different, something new, things I have never done before. Same type of sport week after week can be a bit boring, same as visiting the same race tracks and photograph the same event year after year. Don’t take me wrong, I love American Football and BTCC, but sometimes just need a little break and try something else.
And this is what I did and I don’t regret it at all when I said yes to the organisers to photograph the 2019 St Albans Half Marathon. They knew what I do, the way I capture moments which was less pressure on me. But it was challenging to prove them and their sponsors about my capabilities.
It was an amazing and emotional day to see people from age of 4 to probably over 60 achieving their goals by completing the 2019 St Albans Half Marathon.
Thank you Martin, thank you 1Life and St Albans!