Portrait photography is always interesting. You can meet some amazing people, have a great conversation, build some professional relationship which could be very beneficial in the future. Like the way I have been introduced to an amazing singer and song writer Georgia by Bobby, who is also in the music industry and we worked together before to promote Ambury Night and Lunar Tides.

So, Georgia was looking for some images to promote herself on social media and where professional images required. The location she picked for the photo shoot was a nice village, called Sutton Bridge where she grew up. It was a brilliant location with plenty of options for some portrait images.


Unfortunately the weather didn’t make our life easy as it was so windy. We even had to change location as her stuff and my equipment were nearly blown away. Due to the strong wind the lighting condition changed very quickly too. Once I setup the light because it was cloudy, sun came out, so I had to use the diffuser to make the sunlight softer. Guess what happened in 2 seconds? Cloudy again. But I am not complaining, Georgia was an excellent partner during set up, she was patient and I also had an opportunity to hear her singing live too.


As the beach at Sutton Bridge is not a sandy beach, more like tidal mud we have changed location after a few images. During searching for the next perfect location we have found a lovely part, off the main road towards Foul Anchor. Trees, fence covered with plants and flowers, just perfect.


We have finished the photo session in Peterborough where Georgia suggested a walkway which was beautifully covered with trees and hedges. The sun was very low down, but the capability of my Rotolight Neo and a very nice sunset helped to achieve some great portrait photos in colour and black and white.


Overall the whole photo session was about 2-3 hours plus travelling and looking for some locations, but I can tell it was well worth it and very looking forward to the next challenge, which will be Alice and Jason’s wedding.


Please don’t forget to follow Georgia on Facebook, support and give some feedback about her work which is amazing by the way. Thank you!

If you are looking for some individual portrait photographs of yourself or with your loved ones, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I am more than happy to have a chat of your ideas.