After I have missed the 2018 World Endurance Championship at Silverstone, I did everything to be able to be there this year. Luckily my fireproof overall was still perfect on me so nothing was between me and the 4 Hours of Silverstone.

This year was different at the Northamptonshire circuit as Fujifilm UK was present in the media centre and they let us play with some of the top of the range Fujifilm gear. As I've tried the X-T3 before (Domino Pizza's Award Night) I was very looking forward to try out the mega awesome Fujifilm 200mm f2 telephoto lens. As soon as I attached to my X-T2 I loved every single minute using this awesome, a bit heavy glass.

Please see my favourite images from the event which I have captured with a nearly £6000 worth of equipment.