Football February

A warm and sunny Sunday always a good excuse to visit the Bedford based Ouse Valley Eagles British American Football Team to take some images and catch up with coaches and players. Luckily for us mid February was like this perfect day, so I’ve packed my gear including my GoPro to help out a little bit not just with photos, but with videos too.
Nothing fancy, no crazy camera moments or action shots, just pure training videos to help the team to analyse them and learn from any mistakes.

A sunny day is always brilliant to take some images, where you can use the brightness and shadows to create some interesting images. Also good to have a camera which have a function to shoot up-to about 14,000 sec, especially when you forgot to take your ND filters with you and you want to use widest aperture possible.

2019 OVE Quarterback - Daniel James Vickery:

To photograph sport with a manual focused lens its still challenging but man I love how the pictures look like when I nail the focus. So shallow, dreamy from f/0.95 till f/2 and also very sharp from around f/8 all the way to f/16. Love it!


The only thing with a 35mm focal length lens is you have to be close to your subject which not always possible so that’s the only reason I take a telephoto lens from Fujifilm with me too. Would love to have a fixed 200mm one but I have to do a bit more weddings and motorsport events to buy one. (Fujifilm 200mm f2 XF R) Donations are welcome!