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Father and Son

Mother and Daughter day is about shopping or visit the local beauty salon which are relaxing. Fathers and Sons day is repair cars, bikes, lawnmowers.   It is a dirty, hard, painful job and sometimes takes days, weeks to finish. But it gives a special connection and memories for both.

Mikey and his Father does this most of their free time. They have lots of stories, memories together in the form of classic motorbikes. Lots of bikes. Okay not a lot but more than just two.

I think and I hope this post is the first of many about the Longfoot family.

In their garage you can find some classics, rare and custom motorbikes too.

Photographing two beautiful classic motorbikes during October's sunset was beautiful and also challenging on bounce B roads.

I hope we can work together in the near future as the Longfoot family has plenty of beautiful motorbikes to photograph. 

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