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David's jump

David is a friend of mine, a colleague who I worked with 2 years in Peterborough. A few months ago he had an idea to make his 50th birthday more memorable, he started a fundraising.
Since January he raised way over his target an amazing £915 + £120 in Gift aid for the Lullaby Trust. Family, friends, colleagues and lots people helped him to support David's fundraising and I bet I am not the only one, but I am proud of him.
Not just with his fundraising but with his jump too, which he did on April 21st at the Sibson Aerodrome, next to Peterborough.

To read his full story please visit his Just Giving page here, which is still open for donations.

Well done David!

Would you like to be photograph during your big charity event such as sky diving, marathon running, or something more or less extreme?
Just get in touch with me below and I do my absolute best to help you!

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