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Cold in Italy + Video

Gergo Toth
Cold in Italy + Video

Giá Un Giorno!

Less than a month ago, I had a quick visit to the beautiful country of Italy to be part of an event called The Swank Rally. This event is a  Gentleman race on motorbikes at the Ice Rosa Ring (2hrs from Milan).

The whole trip started on Monday when I've arrived at Bergamo Airport near Milan, Italy. Quickly collected the Hire car and began my trip to Omegna where I've stayed for a few days. 
Driving in Italy is much quicker and crazier than in the UK and I was a bit worried as well, as I drove a tiny Fiat Panda which let's face it, isn't a big, or fast and neither comfortable car. In Italy, the speed limit on the motorways is 130 km /h, which was frightening in the Panda. But after nearly 2 hours of driving and lots of Italian music from the radio I had arrived at Lake Orta. Not the biggest lake of the area but breathtakingly beautiful. I've booked my accommodation via Air BnB and I wasn't disappointed. Welcoming family, beautiful house and I had a big, cosy room with plenty of space.

On the day of the event I was about 1 and a half hour away, so my day started early again with a great breakfast and a nice strong espresso. I knew the circuit and a whole event will look amazing but I didn't know the trip to Riva Valdobbia will be this beautiful.
Dark, serpentines, ice and snow, lots of snow. I have driven in snow many years, but I was a bit worried about how the car behaves on a road where the traffic is not that busy.

As this was my first event at Ice Rosa Ring I hadn't got any idea what to expect. At the end of the day I have left the circuit with lots of positive feelings. I have met fantastic people, great riders and some amazing action which is now edited and upload over my Youtube channel.

Why did it take me nearly a month to edit?
Video editing and Adobe Premiere, especially Premiere is new for me. I have used to edit in Vegas Pro and Windows Movie Maker :-)
I also had over 2 hours of footage from the event.

Had I got any disappointments?
I had three fully charged Fuji batteries for my X-T2 and they gave up on me quickly. Maybe the weather, maybe the fact I was recording in 1080p 60FPS.
I shot the whole day with one lens, 23mm f/2 as I left the other one in Omegna :-(