The Rain followed us to Scotland

After driven 781 miles, I can tell the visit of Scotland to photograph the last British Touring Car Championship event at Knockhill was unforgettable. Long drive, friendly people, haggish, lots of rain and exciting races in all Championships.

My journey started early Saturday morning and finished just after the end of third BTCC Practice session, so I used the time to look around and get to know more about this amazing circuit.

After sitting in the car for 5 hours my legs didn't really wanted to walk to far from the carpark, but I was so keen to take at least a few images of the Qualifing session before I have my way to Limekilns where my bed was waiting for me.

Saturday didn't stop after Qualy, as I had to prepare for the next day, so I had over to a shopping center to buy some healthy and unhealthy food, drink and something for dinner. 
Editing was quick as Capture One is really good to work with the Fuji RAW files, I am glad to change from Adobe.

Welcome to Limekilns, beautiful place

Welcome to Limekilns, beautiful place


Being an accredited photographer not always as fun as you think.
I had to woke up early to avoid traffic, carry lots of gear with me to the media centre, find desk and chair to sit down, struggles with the weak wifi signal and slow up/download, editing, etc. Oh and both hands need to be on the camera to hold it, no spare to hold an umbrella when it rains.
But, nobody held a gun to my head to do this, I do it because I love it. It's challenging!

The rain during the first race of the British Touring Car Championship didn't really bother me, I have even used my Olympus Om-1 too, to make my 'Motorsport on 35mm film' gallery bigger but before Race 2 the weather decided to turn into a monsoon, so I left it back in the media center. My Fuji X-T2 and lenses have been put into a test of how good is weather sealing during wet conditions. Luckily I can confirm, everything survived the Race 2 madness part from a few damaged cars.

Between You and Me, this was the first time I didn't event bother to go to the podium as everything was soaking wet from hip down and I was a bit worried my gear. So I was sitting in the media center, try to warm up and get some energy to go out and photograph the Third and last race of the day. A can of energy drink and prawns salad later I was full of energy again and I was heading out to photograph Race 3 with lots of confidence. 

As Scotland is a bit far from Home, I've decided to use English Bank Holiday to stay over and only drive back on Monday, which was a good decision.

What do you think about my Latest gallery? Would love to read your comments below, so please share with me. Thank You and see you all in Silverstone (15-16th Sept.) during the next round of BTCC.