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Don't forget the suncream

After 2 years, it was time for me to visit the lovely Thruxton Circuit in Hampshire again. Which went well, way better than in Castle Donington a few weeks ago. Also after two cold and wet race weekends, finally I had to pack the sun-cream too.

Why do I have so many BMR images recently? Well, I have been asked by the Team to take a few pictures of their 2018 season. I still do photos for the agency who I work since 2015, but it's great to focus on a team, not running around and push others away - which I am so sorry about it - to get the images of the winner at parc ferme and after the podium. Because of this I have opportunity to photograph parts of the race weekend I haven't photographed before. I still need to do more from my end, but I am really happy where I am heading to and I hope this year is not the only year I photograph for a team.
Unfortunately due to some issues, I hadn't got the opportunity to photography minimum one of the 3 BMR guys on the podium this year, but I have a lots of positive feeling about this will be changed soon.

Ash, Jason and Josh, keep pushing!!! Your team and Your fans haven't given up on you!

From photography point of you, the day went well, especially I had an opportunity to try a different version of Fuji lens, which was the Fujinon 35mm f/1.4 sharpness heaven. Absolute loved it and I just checked, for the money they are selling in it's an absolute bargain.
(below, my 9 favourite pictures taken with the 35mm lens)

Thruxton is a fast circuit, but probably the only one where you spend more time to watch the Jumbo Screens than taken images, due to the layout of the circuit. About 1/4 of the circuit where you can go as an accredited photographer which is great from creativity point of you, because you don't want the same images you have captured a year before. But in the other hand, you have a huge chance you will be packed together with another 15-20 photographers as not a lot of places you can go.

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