3 cameras 3 events - #2 Sony a6000

3 cameras 3 events - #2 Sony a6000

Close to the end of August in 2017, I had fallen in love with mirrorless cameras when we bought a Sony a6000 for my wife so she could take better quality images of her work as a Hairdresser.

Why did I fall in love?


It can do the same size of images as my Nikon (24 megapixels), faster focusing system in the entire frame, 11 fps, Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, etc. and I can put into my pocket with a kit lens. But it has only one memory card slot which is not really good when you cover motorsport event or photograph for a client. Also only one battery and no battery grip.
I loved everything that a mirrorless camera can offer but I was looking for something which suits my needs. I've found one - which I won't reveal yet - but to buy a new one I had to sell all my Nikon gear.

So, I took pictures, shared on eBay and...

I sold it a day before the upcoming BTCC round which was held at my local circuit, Rockingham Motor Speedway in Corby. So what should I do now? The guy already paid for it, if I take it to Rockingham, I could drop it by accident, scratch the lens, etc. so I was worried.
As I didn't want to screw over the new owner I did take the Sony a6000 with me which had an 18-55mm kit lens on.

It was challenging as this camera is not really for sports, but I've enjoyed the whole process during race day Sunday. I had some weird looks from other togs and from drivers too, but who cares as I could share my images as quick as I pressed the shutter button.

As you can see above if you not familiar with the buttons you can take some really bad images. I think I took this to test the focus button and as it shows, I failed. But this is the challenge to use a new, barely used camera in the environment you are familiar with. So the rest of the way was pretty amazing.
The electronic viewfinder helps a lot to get your right settings, the rest is all about your creativity.

These images are all unedited, just resized them for this post.

As I've mentioned the camera had only one battery which is not really ideal when BTCC holds three races. So the first time ever I spent the entire Race 2 in the media centre to charge the camera.

Because of the Sony colours, I've spent a lot of time to colour correct them but I was really happy with the results from this tiny camera with lots of knowledge. I would recommend it to use during holiday or family events, but not for professional work. Only if you have plenty of money for proper lenses because they could be expensive, compared to Nikon or Canon glasses.