Wedding photography: With a married couple

I recently did a wedding session shoot. It was a fun afternoon with a Hungarian couple from Cambridgeshire. Piroska the bride and Berci the groom are already married, they've just wanted some fresh images in the cloth they wear on their big day. It was fun to work with them and they were very helpful and patient to setup everything on my own as I hadn't got an assistant to hold and help me to carry the gear around the huge garden we were in.

Apart from some slightly damaged gear due to some sudden wind the whole session went very well. It was challenging to photograph the way I see things as I normally photograph people in their weekend environment, such as motorsport events or American Football games not in their wedding dress.

From the reviews from Piroska and Berci, also from family and friends, I think I am in the right way to change things the way I would like to change*.

If you would like your big day to be captured by me, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me here.

*Still love Motorsport