A few weeks ago I've talked to one of my friend's father who is a photographer too, Keith. I offered my help, you never know what kind of events I can get in by him. Lately, I had high hopes in motorsport but it looks like I am more like a people photographer.
So Keith asked me whether I could shoot at the Cornbury Festival, next to Oxford. I said yes as I am willing to learn and it could be a good experience.

On Friday afternoon I've arrived after 4 hours of sleep, 8 hours of office work and 2 hours drive (no AC in 30 degrees) to Great Few in Oxfordshire. Parked up, collected media pass and checked into the media centre.

Some of you may know but my name memory is horrible. Took me a while to remember every single BTCC drivers name, number and their team's name back in 2015. Now it is a bit better.
The first act I shot was Jack Savoretti. I had no idea who he was (sorry) until I heard him singing his first song.
Ahhhh, it is him, now I know!
If you have a chance to see and listen to him in live, don't hesitate. He has an amazing voice despite I was wearing protective ear plugs!

The following act was my first female singer to photograph, the lovely Sophie Ellis-Bextor. She was singing on a different stage than Jack, so my settings needed to be readjusted. But luckily, learning from the previous one I didn't have to change much.

I am not the biggest fan of Kaiser Chiefs, but being an ex-Voice (BBC era) watcher I really looked forward to seeing Ricky singing in live.
Note: He runs with a mic and pulls and waves the wire so often. If you have a choice don't stand too close to the stage. It can be dangerouse.

Despite tiredness, I had a great time! I met a few lovely people during the day! So I would like to thank everyone who helped me to photograph this event. I hope, possibly in the close future, I could stay longer not just for a day.

During the day I have used Nikon D7100 body with 18-105mm, 35mm, 50mm and 70-300mm lenses.