Land Rover day out

Last time when I spent some fun time with my Father, I have met a few amazing people from the East Northamptonshire Land Rover Owners Club. Nice people with nice cars.
On the 19th November, they held their monthly RTV* trial meeting which this time was next to the small village of Clipston in Northamptonshire. 

I was the one and only who didn't drive a 4x4, so I parked my Ford at the furthest point possible. The track looked awesome, challenging and it was covered in horse and sheep excrement. 


For the club members, the day started with safety checks, tea and health and safety meeting for 10 drivers who drove 8 Land Rover Defenders.

A trial, in this case, means the driver needs to drive his/her car between bamboo sticks without touching or hitting them. If you do, you are out from that round. Sounds easy but trust me it's not.
Apparently, I forgot to sit in a Land Rover which I feel really stupid but I hope I will be invited to the next one where I will do more and I will do a bit more videography too.

Please see my favourite images below!

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During this event, I have used my Fuji X-T2, 2 prime lenses, GoPro Hero2 and two Speedlights

*RTV - Road Taxed Vehicle