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Giving something back

Last month I have been given on opportunity by Saal Digital to review one of their amazing product from many, the Wall Decor. This is not the first time I have ordered and reviewed their product and hopefully not the last one, as the German based company does produce outstanding products, but more about that here.

The main reason I've created this page to raise money for the BRDC Motor Sport Charity!
As you can see on my website and on my social media pages I am big motorsport fan, which has been started way back in time when I was a kid. My father took me to watch Truck Racing, Rallycross, endurance races, etc. This love has been carried over to my adult hood from Hungary all the way to the UK.
After several years covering motorsport events as a photographer and being a fan of many racing series, I would like to give something back and start an auction where the highest bidder while receive not just a great picture but a high quality Wall Decor too.


Highest Bid:

Auction Ends: 07/08/2018 at 8pm

Please leave your bid below:


Your Name and Email address will NOT be used for marketing purposes and also I will not share your details with a Third party. This auction is for a good cause, not for data collection! The print does exist, only One! 
Once the Auction closed, the Highest bidder will be informed via Email and if authorized full name will be shared on this page and on my social media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

I am really sorry but this auction is for Bidders who from the Mainland UK.

I, Gergo Toth will use my own money to post this product to the Highest Bidder and the highest bid will be sent to the British Racing Driver's Club Motor Sport Charity as a donation, using Virgin Money Giving (single donation).
Any questions or concerns about this Auction, please get in touch with me via email (hello@gergototh.com) or via phone (07802777452).